Zion Square Launches

The blog at which I work, Zion Square, launched this morning. The launch is pretty exhilarating, especially after months of preparatory work. You can read a post by my boss, Peter Beinart, explaining what Zion Square hopes to be and why it needs to exist. You can also look directly at the writing we’re featuring, including Gershom Gorenberg’s very sharp op-ed comparing current rhetoric around Iran to rhetoric before the 1967 war. I look forward to posting more Zion Square stuff here‚ÄĒpotentially even pieces by me.

2 thoughts on “Zion Square Launches

  1. Ralph
    I believe the J for J are a threat to the Jewish people as much as the Iranians are to Israel.
    They, the Iranians wish to extinguish our lives
    and the J for J extinguishes our neshoma, our
    souls, the very essence of Judiasm
    This is not the goal of the J of J but is the
    ensuing future for those that join.

  2. And you’re welcome to your opinion! I tend to go by “Raffi” or “Raphael,” though, rather than by “Ralph.” I also don’t have any role in the organization, “Jews for Jesus” — in case that wasn’t clear. Thanks for commenting!

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